Introducing a fun and easy way to bathe your pet!

Formulated with lick-able, non-toxic ingredients and Omega-3 fish oil.



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Mr. Tom's Magic Towel is a little pet brand with a big heart. We are on a mission to save you and your furry friend from bath time — one kitty at a time!

When creating our products, we dedicate love and care to making sure you and your furry friend are safe and happy. Our mission is to make you happy by creating fun, easy-to-use, and quality products with a human touch

How it Works

1. Sprinkle water onto Mr. Tom's Magic Towel™

2. Watch the magic towel expand and bubble!

3. Cleanse your pet with the bubbly towel

4. Towel dry and hug your pet with love ♡

Rich lather that cleans dirt, oil, and bacteria...

and replaces it with lots of love for your happy pet! ♡

for body, dirty paws, & poopy butts!

small travel size for
on-the-go-baths ☺

hygienic packaging prevents contamination

no drying out!

Mr. Tom's Magic Towel creates shampoo lather that helps clean dirt, oil, and bacteria!