Our Story


It all started when Melody and her little cat, Momo, were struggling during bath time  not to mention the warrior scratches that came out of it every time. Not one bath was successful, and as time passed, Momo became an amazingly smelly cat. Melody and Momo were ploughing away in law school when before they knew it, it had been at least one...ok...two years since Momo had a bath!

It was then that Mr. Tom was imaginatively born as a savior to the stressful bath times. 

Mr. Tom is your friendly, neighborhood orange tabby cat who could not watch another battle scene happen at bath time. Mr. Tom designed a magic towel so that pet parents and their furry friends can have a fun, quick, and easy bathing experience while still giving their furry friends a thorough cleanse using safe, non-toxic ingredients. ☺





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