Our Mission


Pets provide us with so much love every day so we would like to return the love by helping our pets feel clean, happy, & charming! 🐾 

We want you to have fun!

Bathing pets can be a stressful and not-so-easy task. With Mr. Tom's Magic Towel, we hope to make grooming a fun experience for you and your furry friend by leaving out the yucky water — and bringing in the bubbly fun!

We want it to be easy.

Our wish is that your pet will feel fresh and clean with just a few minutes of rinse-free bathing. Just add water, cleanse, and towel dry!

We want it to be human. 

Our focus is to improve the well-being of our pets by using carefully-selected, safe and non-toxic ingredients. Our mission is to create innovative and great quality pet products - with a human touch - so that your pet is cared for the same way we care for humans. 

After all, pet love is self-love 

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